What every parent should say.

April 18, 2010

Richard Pauli lays it out in his blogpost Sorry, Kids.

Protect your Child

April 9, 2010

Most responsible parents in the US now employ numerous techniques to protect their children from harm, with products that were undreamed of when their own parents were raising children.

Items such as helmets for everything from skateboarding to lacrosse to hockey to bicycling are now standard.  But not too long ago, the notion of using seat belts in cars was considered “socialist intervention” while now, it seems a common sense safety essential, that not only saves lives and health care costs from injuries, but reduces insurance costs for all.

In this context of safety considerations, it is appropriate to consider the air children are breathing.  Toxic greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil and biofuels cause cancer, emphysema, and asthma.  Children are particularly vulnerable, and these life-threatengin diseases are no respecters of class or income.

It’s really time that parents, and especially mothers, make the connections between our profligate wasting of energy and the health consequences to our own children.  In addition, if we demand our leadership make a radical shift to clean energy, our children will face the existential threat of climate chaos through destabilized, extreme and violent weather patterns, droughts, floods, and a lack of fresh water and food.  All this, and rising seas, will lead to huge numbers of climate refugees and social unrest if we’re lucky – war and anarchy if we’re not.

Wake up moms!  Recognize the REAL threat to your kids’ future and stop SHOPPING and start LOBBYING.


About Mothers Against Climate Change

April 9, 2010

Hello, I am a mother against climate change.  I hope to inspire many other concerned mothers to become organized, and have a collective voice to save our children from the terrible effects that await them if we continue to burn fossil and biofuels, releasing heat-trapping CO2 into the atmosphere.

The science is clear that this will render our earth a climate that is inhospitable – hostile – to life.

I will write more later, and welcome comments.  For now, I have quite a collection of thoughts about the “other” greenhouse gases, that create ozone, toxic to humans, animals, and plants, at this blog:  www.witsendnj.blogspot.com.

Looking forward to to conversations with anyone who strays this way to exchange ideas about how to do something, about our terrible paradox of the commons.